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What’s Your Time Worth?

Spend it on the things you enjoy & the activities that directly impact your Business’ bottom line and let STARRY take care of the rest. Virtual Office, Bookkeeping & Website Services for every budget.

Why Hire a Virtual Office Assistant?

Hiring a virtual assistant boosts efficiency and allows business owners to concentrate on essential tasks.

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Virtual assistants collaborate with clients, using digital tools to efficiently manage tasks and provide remote support.

Bookkeeping Services

QuickBooks bookkeeping services provide efficient and accurate financial management, streamlining bookkeeping tasks for businesses of all sizes.

Website Design

WordPress web design services offer tailored solutions to create visually stunning and user-friendly websites that align with clients’ needs and goals.

Website Maintenance

Website repair and maintenance services ensure optimal functionality, security, and performance for a seamless online experience.

Marketing & Admin

Marketing and office admin services provide businesses with essential support, combining strategic marketing efforts and streamlined administrative tasks.

Helping You Grow Your Business

Not Sure if STARRY is the Solution for You?

For most business owners, hiring an employee is not only an expense they can’t afford but it’s really not their best option. More and more business owners are turning to independent virtual office help because of the many compelling reasons to do so.

Have you ever had a task before you but you didn’t have the knowledge base to get the job done? What may take you hours to execute, STARRY can do in a fraction of the time with our vast and varied knowledge. Free up your time for more important tasks!


As a business owner do you find yourself...

Overwhelmed by Your Day-to-Day Workload

Upset with the Excessive Time Spent on Admin Tasks

Worried about Your Limited Expertise

Disappointed by Your Inconsistent Branding

Frustrated Trying to Keep Your Finances Up-to-Date

Concerned About Missed Opportunities & the Lack of Growth

Stressed by the Constant Pressure of Managing all Aspects of Your Business

Helping You Achieve Success

Why Hire STARRY?

As you grow your business, you don’t always have enough work to keep someone busy on a full-time or even a part-time basis. What you need is the flexibility to get this help only as you require it.

For a fraction of the costs of having an employee, you can have access to a knowledgeable and dedicated business assistant on an as needed basis. Business Support Specialists or Virtual Assistants are independent entrepreneurs whose only business is to assist and support the needs of other entrepreneurs with their business.

Reduced Overhead

Virtual assistants work remotely, so you don’t need to provide office space, equipment, or supplies. This eliminates the need for rent, utilities, and other associated overhead expenses.

Flexible Payment Structure

Virtual assistants are often hired on a freelance or contract basis. This means you can pay them for specific tasks or hours worked, rather than committing to a full-time salary with benefits. This flexibility can lead to significant cost savings.

No Employee Benefits, CPP or EI

Virtual assistants are not employees, so you don’t need to provide benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, or retirement contributions. This further reduces your labor costs.

Scalability of Services

You can easily scale up or down the level of support you need from virtual assistants based on your business’s fluctuating needs. This prevents overstaffing during slow periods and ensures you have the support you need during busy times.

Time Savings

Virtual assistants can handle time-consuming and repetitive tasks, freeing up your time to focus on higher-value activities that directly contribute to your business’s growth. This improved efficiency can lead to increased revenue.

Reduced Training Costs

Many virtual assistants come with specialized skills and experience, reducing the need for extensive training. This can save both time and money.

No Long-Term Commitment

Unlike hiring full-time employees, you can engage virtual assistants for short-term or project-based work without a long-term commitment. This flexibility allows you to adapt to changing business needs.

Focus on Core Competencies

By outsourcing non-core tasks to virtual assistants, you can concentrate on what your business does best, leading to improved competitiveness and potentially higher profits.


Back in 2000, fueled by a passion for business and a desire to empower others, Melissa launched STARRY Business Solutions. Her mission? To leverage her 30+ years of diverse experience, spanning everything from administrative tasks to web development, and help fellow entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Earning an Honors BA from Western Ontario, Melissa built a strong academic foundation. But her expertise extends beyond textbooks. She holds certifications in both Extended DISC and Devine Inventory, which equip her with the tools to understand communication styles and navigate the hiring/interview process effectively.

So, whether you need help with website development, marketing strategies, or simply streamlining daily operations, Melissa’s got the skills and the smarts to support your business dreams.


What Our Clients are Saying

Melissa and her team have provided me with great service for more than ten years now, helping me to be more productive and efficient. She is extremely professional and effective in a wide variety of skills, and one heck of a problem solver.

Tim O.

Business Owner

As a small business, we all wear many hats, and just as we do, STARRY performs many functions for our business. From website maintenance, to ad design and database management, Starry delivers & at a price that fits our budget as a young company.

Jeff H.

Director of Operations

Working with STARRY for our web development has been a great experience. Their expertise & dedication have transformed our online presence, delivering top-notch results within our budget & timeline. Highly recommend their comprehensive business services.

Amy H.

Business Owner

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